A comprehensive suite of software

ConstructionID®is a comprehensive suite of software that supports the successful delivery of the build, post-construction and maintenance phases of a construction project. It was developed in Australia to service the Australian construction industry.

ConstructionID®delivers substantial benefits to project owners, executives, and site personnel of construction projects. It provides access to critical project information, data and insights to support decision making and keep projects moving forward. It also assists with creating a culture that supports standardised processes and reporting.

ConstructionID® comprises of three comprehensive product solutions:

Delivering projects on time and to quality

Knowing, managing and reporting all aspects of safety

Managing building and maintenance issues

ConstructionID® can be used on mobile, tablet or desktop and is cloud-based and secure. It is accessible anywhere and anytime. Ongoing software support is only a telephone call away and is provided from Melbourne. Training is available on site, in the office or online.

ConstructionID® powered by Wiseworking

ConstructionID® is owned and developed by Wiseworking Pty Ltd. Wiseworking was founded by Justin Williams, a technology innovator in the Australian construction and building industries. Our customer-focused culture puts the customer at the centre of everything the company does.

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ConstructionID®  Team

Led by our founder Justin Williams, our combined customer service team has decades of construction industry experience. This experience and expertise is key to the success of ConstructionID® and how well it supports Australian construction projects.

Justin brings his and his team’s extensive experience in technology, project management and operations leadership within the construction industry to the ConstructionID® portfolio. It has been developed to meet the needs of our customers today, and to continuously improve with the input and feedback from the construction industry. There is a disciplined cycle of innovation where improvements in customer practices, processes, software, data, information and reporting are delivered.

Meeting the needs of the construction and building industries whilst delivering efficient and responsive customer service are the highest priorities of the ConstructionID® team. This shapes our drive to be customer focused and determined to deliver industry leading product quality, customer support and experience.

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Justin Williams

B.Eng, B.Physics University of Melb, MBA (MBS)

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Kevin Lay

BCom (Information Systems & Business Analytics) Deakin University

Customer Quality Assurance

Craig Broadbent (GAICD)

GDip (Entrepreneuriship and Innovation) Swinburne University, BCom (Accounting), Swinburne University

Operations and Sales