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Delivering projects on time and to quality

Build&DefectID® is a comprehensive software package that supports the delivery of a construction projects on time and to quality. It is tailored to the build, post-construction and maintenance (Defect Liability Period) phases. It directly supports achieving and maintaining quality certification AS9001.

  • Demonstrate to contractors and site staff – a commitment to delivering an auditable, quality project on time and on budget.

  • A fast and standardised way – to surface quality issues and take specific actions

  • Get fast and effective access – to vital information by having a centralised source of truth.

  • Easy reporting – back to head office or executive management.

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Knowing, managing and reporting all aspects of safety

SafeworkID™ is a comprehensive software package dedicated to managing and reporting all aspects of safety on a construction site. It assists all companies and suppliers involved in the construction phase of a construction project to pro- actively manage safety risks, fulfil their duty of care to workers as well as achieve and maintain OH&S certification AS4801.


  • Complete OH&S – audit trail

  • Provide standardised processes and forms – save time and lower risks and include special or unique safety practices particular to the construction site

  • A system that supports – emergency response

  • Creates a safety culture – across sites.

  • Help with compliance – obligations

  • Know the site’s – daily actions