About the ConstructionID® product suite

ConstructionID® is a comprehensive suite of software that supports the successful delivery of the build, post-construction and maintenance phases of a construction project. It is tailored to the Australian construction industry. The software suit, and its parts, have been designed to:

 ConstructionID® was developed in Australia to support the responsibilities of key project personnel

ConstructionID® software suite features include:

  • Reporting – about the construction project for project owners, construction executives and a range of site managers.

  • Standardised Processes – forms and processes

  • Automated Communications – effective, efficient and auditable way to communicate with site personnel and contractors

  • Central Registers – that act as a source of truth

  • Tailored to the Australian Marketplace – designed to reflect Australian construction processes, practices and language

  • Ready to use, easy to use – unlimited and free training

  • Can be tailored – add your company logo, and upload your project specific processes

  • Mobile and tablet-friendly, Cloud-based – information available in the office, on site or remotely

  • Ongoing Australian Software Support and Training – Australian-based support: training online, in the office or onsite

Construction companies and contractors have been using ConstructionID® for nearly a decade

ConstructionID® grows with your construction business and projects

Clients subscribe to all or some of the three product solutions – Build&DefectID®, SafeworkID™ and/or IssuesID®.
It is also possible to subscribe of one or more product modules included within Build&DefectID® and SafeworkID™.

Build&DefectID logo
Delivering projects on time and to quality

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SafeworkID logo

Knowing, managing and reporting all aspects of safety

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Managing building and maintenance issues

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